Code Compliance

Who We Are

A strong Code Compliance Program has been shown to increase neighborhood livability, reduce crime and improve property values.

Crime Free

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was developed in Mesa Arizona in 1992, with the goal of reducing crime, drug, and gang activity in rental properties. The program is sponsored by the International Crime Free Association that provides training or other assistance to local agencies in the administration of their programs. The program spread to more than 2,000 cities in the United States with successful programs causing an average reduction in crime between 75- 90% according to the International Crime Free Association. The purpose of the program is to gain the commitment of property owners, managers, tenants, and the community to maintain properties free of illegal or destructive activity and to promote a higher quality of life within each neighborhood. Successful programs increase community participation, provide accountability for property owners, and lower maintenance costs. The proven crime prevention methods and program phases improve
public safety for tenants, property owners, and the community.


The City’s Code Compliance Division is made up of a core group of city employees whose job responsibilities relate to the quality and compliance of those very life issues.  Currently, Code Compliance consists of 3 highly dedicated and motivated officers who have a multi-disciplinary background including but not limited to code enforcement, animal control, construction, property inspection, customer service and traditional law enforcement. Each officer is assigned to investigate reported code violations and to assist property owners and/or tenants in correcting the violations and maintaining their property in compliance with the codes.

City Council & City Manager

The Adelanto City Council and the City Manager endorse and support the work of Code Compliance. Collectively, Code Compliance can influence a wide range of enforcement and compliance strategies that are beyond the ability of individuals acting alone. Cooperation between the community and Code Compliance will greatly enhance the impact the department will have on the quality of life in Adelanto.

Busy Seasons

During our busiest time of year (spring and summer months), Code Compliance operates primarily on a reactive approach to dealing with violations, and on a proactive approach as time allows.  However, all main corridor entrances within the City are monitored proactively throughout the year.  Such policy does not prohibit an officer from taking immediate action on an issue that will protect the health, safety and welfare of a citizen. Spring and summer are our busiest season, so please be patient as we work to help resolve these non-compliance issues.  During the fall and winter months, we have the opportunity to work more on a proactive basis.

Complaint Priority Levels

Complaints are responded to based on priority levels.  Priority levels are categorized based on the importance type of the violation, and the order in which the complaint has been received.  Once an initial complaint is received, it will be categorized into its priority level for investigation.  Time frames of inspection and compliance may vary based on the type of violation, due process, and the current work load. Complaints may be submitted by calling our office at 760-246-2300, visiting us in person at City Hall or filing an online compliant form.