Water & Sewer


The City of Adelanto Water Department provides water service and wastewater service to approximately 27,139 residents of Adelanto. The department employs a staff of twelve to manage and maintain the Department and its water resources. The Director of Public Utilities and the five member Public Utilities Authority are responsible for providing adequate water services to the city.

Water Quality

The Water Department must adhere to strict water quality requirements established and enforced by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


The Adelanto Water Department is committed to providing a high quality, safe, and adequate supply of water to meet current and future expected demands. The Water Department Master Plan is updated periodically and includes strategies to take us into the future. Since approximately 99% of the residents receive their water from the public water supply, the Master Plan is a crucial tool to ensure a safe and adequate water supply for the next ten years and beyond. The plan outlines activities such as the identification and development of future well sites, rehabilitation and upgrades to the existing system to maximize operations, and supporting water resource conservation and protection initiatives. Other on-going programs include a fire hydrant flushing program and water meter replacement program.


The City operates a 1.5 million gallons per day activated sludge wastewater treatment facility through an operations and maintenance contract with PERC Water Corporation.  In addition to operations, PERC performs routine collection system cleaning, sewage spill response and cleanup, and industrial sewage pretreatment program.

The City is currently constructing a 2.5 million gallons per day upgrade that will increase our wastewater treatment capabilities to 4.0 million gallons per day and produce treated water that can be used for lawn/public parks irrigation, construction and dust control and other beneficial uses. 

Mission Statement

The Adelanto Water Department, through the Adelanto Public Utility Authority (APUA), is charged with providing safe, good quality, uninterrupted water at a reasonable pressure, to meet health and fire protection needs of that portion of the city served by the public water system.  The Department must operate and maintain the water utility system in accordance with the City of Adelanto’s ordinances and policies and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act.

The Department, through the APUA, is also charged by the State of California with providing wastewater treatment consistent with requirements set forth in the Waste Discharge Requirements for the residents and customers of the City of Adelanto.
The City of Adelanto Utility Billing services receives and processes payments for Water and Sewer services for the City of Adelanto utility customers.

Establishing New Service

The City of Adelanto requires that all customers fill out the New Utilities Service Application, provide proof of residence (Deed of Trust or Rental Agreement), and pay the required establishment fee and deposit before service can be established.

Disconnecting / Terminating Service

To terminate service please fill out the Request to Disconnect Services form.

Senior and Disabled Citizen Exemption

The Adelanto Public Utility Authority has established a Senior and Disabled Citizen exemption that provides discount water, sewer and trash rates for individuals that meet the low-income and age qualifications. The low income levels are established by the Federal Housing and Urban Development Division (HUD). Please see the Utility Billing staff for details.

Low Income Exemption

The Adelanto Public Utility Authority has established a low income exemption that provides discount water and sewer rates for families that meet the low-income levels.  The low income levels are established by the Federal Housing and Urban Development Division (HUD). Please see the Utility Billing staff for details.

                            City of Adelanto Consumer Confidence Report 2019