CEQA Process Policy

CEQA: The California Environmental Quality Act 

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) generally requires state and local government agencies to inform decision makers and the public about the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects, and to reduce those environmental impacts to the extent feasible. If a project subject to CEQA will not cause any adverse environmental impacts, a public agency may adopt a brief document known as a Negative Declaration. If the project may cause adverse environmental impacts, the public agency must prepare a more detailed study called an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). An EIR contains in-depth studies of potential impacts, measures to reduce or avoid those impacts, and an analysis of alternatives to the project. A key feature of the CEQA process is the opportunity for the public to review and provide input on both Negative Declarations and EIRs.  

The laws and rules governing the CEQA process are contained in the CEQA statute (Public Resources Code Section 21000 and following), the CEQA Guidelines (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 15000 and following), published court decisions interpreting CEQA, and locally adopted CEQA procedures. 

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) serves several important functions in the administration of CEQA. First, together with the Natural Resources Agency, OPR develops the CEQA Guidelines. The CEQA Guidelines are administrative regulations interpreting the CEQA statute and published court decisions. Second, OPR runs the State Clearinghouse which coordinates state level review of CEQA documents. Third, in certain circumstances, OPR may designate a lead agency. Finally, OPR provides technical assistance to state and local government agencies, including the development of technical advisories on selected CEQA topics. CEQAnet


Environmental Review Notices 

In 1970, the California State Legislature adopted the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to establish a procedure for evaluating the environmental effects of proposed projects. The documents prepared as a result of the review are presented to the decision-maker so that they can make an informed decision regarding the entitlement request. Environmental review is required for most discretionary actions. 

The CEQA process is guided by the CEQA statutes and guidelines, which can be found on the State of California’s website. 

The CEQA documents posted here are intended to enhance public awareness of and participation in the entitlement process. Only larger projects that meet the threshold for State Clearinghouse review will be posted on this site.

City of Adelanto CEQA Process Policy

CEQA Documents Available for Public Review

  1. Notice of Intent- TTM 20398.doc 12-08-21 R1
  2. Notice of Intent Adelanto Rancho Park
  3. ADLT 035 - Adelanto Rancho Park ISMND
  4. ADLT 055 - 10101 Yucca Rd CE (February 7, 2022)
  5. Silver Peak_ISMND_PublicDraft_02.2022_compiled
  6. Notice of Intent Adelanto 51 (1)
  7. ADLT 051 - 15 Acres Chamberlaine Way ISMND (2-3-22)
  8. ADLT 050 - 26.5 Acres Chamberlaine Way ISMND (2-3-22)
  9. Notice of Intent Adelanto 50 (1)
  10. ADLT 048 - Holly Fremontia ISMND (1-24-22)
  11. Notice of Intent Adelanto 48 (1)
  12. ADLT 071 - 9248 Holly Rd. CE (2-17-2022)
  13. Silver Peaks Notice of Intent
  14. ADLT 045 - 11769 Auburn Ave. ISMND (May 122022) CUP 21-11
  15. CEQA Cat Exp ADLT 052 (May 4 2022)
  16. PUBLIC REVIEW MND TTM 20471 7-14-22
  17. ADLT 038 - 13178 Hopland St. ISMND (May 2 2022) Revised FINALv2
  18. Notice of Intent 11755 Alden Road
  19. ADLT 072 Patel_ISMND_(March 29 2022)
  20. ADLT 069 - Hatter Holdings ISMND Revised July 18 2022 (June 7 2022)
  21. ADLT 077 - Violet Aster Road ISMND (May 24 2022)
  22. ADLT 062 - Drum Furniture Technologies ISMND (May 4, 2022)
  23. ADLT 075 - Lobana ISMND (May 31 2022)
  24. Adelanto 35 PUBLIC REVIEW ISMND 9-30-22
  25. LDP 22-13 PUBLIC REVIEW ISMND 9-30-22
  26. Adelanto General Plan Mobility Element Update - Adelanto (October 2022)
  27. GP Land Use Element Addendum - Adelanto (October 2022)
  28. Notice of Intent MND AT and T Monoeuc CSL05972 9-19-2022 (2)
  29. TTM 20549 NOI
  30. TTM 20549 12.16.22 submit
  31. TTM 20489 NOI
  32. TTM 20514 NOI
  33. LDP 22-13 PUBLIC REVIEW ISMND 9-30-22
  34. TTM 20485 NOI
  35. Notice of Intent CUP 22-21, LDP 22-16 & TPM 20657
  36. City of Adelanto Quick N Clean Car Wash ISMND
  37. CUP 22-23 CEQA MND Public Review Draft 2-22-2023
  38. CUP 22-23 NOE
  39. ADLT 087- Koala Rd Cultivation ISMND (February 3 2023)
  40. ADLT Daisy and Holly (CUP 22-14 and LDP (March 13 2023)